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„Minden eredeti hagyományos ízt koncentráltan megőrizve, ételeink mégis könnyebbek a régimódi magyar ételeknél. Ennek érdekében a legjobb alapanyagokat vásároljuk, korán járunk a piacra és új technikákat, eljárásokat alkalmazunk.”



Romaine lettuce with homemade mayonnaise and grilled chicken breast     2.990.-

Bodrogi paté with onions, and
shallot buns    2.890.-

The famous „Double Lecsó”     2.590.-


Cherry soup with cinnamon and cottage cheese dumplings    1.890.-

Consommé with matzo dumplings   2.190.-

Poultry ragout soup with tarragon, lemon, and potato dumplings           1.890.-

Main Courses

Farm-grown chicken cooked in white wine, with buttery sugar snap peas and grilled corn on the cob     3.990.-

Turkey breast marinated in garlic infused milk, coated in breadcrumbs and green herbs, with cooked potato cubes      3.990.-

Chicken breast cooked in green herbs, with buttery vegetables and Jasmine rice   3.990.-

Fried Pork filled with ham and smoked cheese, with a mixed salad drizzled with balsamic vinegar    4.290.-

Cauldron cooked beef stew, with parsley potatoes      4.190.-



Pork tenderloin with a forest mushroom risotto      4.490.-


Pancakes with a filling of your choice    1.690.-

Dumplings a’la Somló    1.690.-

„Trembling” cottage cheese dumplings with    1.690.-

Poppy seed dumplings in floating island    1.690.-

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